First Summoner Technique Information: The best way to Defeat the First 5 Bosses.


Enter First Summoner

First Summoner requires a good quantity of technique and cautious consideration when enjoying by way of the usual story mode for the primary time. These required expertise ramp up in significance when making an attempt to play the video games tougher problem modes, so we created this information to assist the educational curve!

For starters, in case you are studying this then you’re doubtless enjoying First Summoner through the video games main launch occasion. Good concept — the variety of free goodies and sources given are too good to go up. The launch occasion is sweet for 7 days if you first go surfing and these are the prizes you possibly can count on:

Checklist of Rewards and Every day Occasions

    • DAY 1 – Starting of Your Journey: Clear [1-5] Coronary heart of the Forest (Regular) 1 time 
    • DAY 2 – Sort Adventurer: Carry out a complete of three Request Quests
    • DAY 3 – Trials and Chests: Open a trial chest at Stage 1-10
    • DAY 4 – Traveler of Chaos: Enter the Infinite Chaos
    • DAY 5 – Evolution of Darkness: Obtain stage 15 with Rachel 
    • DAY 6 – Starting of the Battle: Assault Four Instances at Battlefield of Snake
      • Historic Card Chest (Purchase 98 randomly chosen playing cards upon opening the chest)
    • DAY 7 – Begin Unsealing: Full Levels 5-10
      • Hidden Card (Legendary) (Purchase 1 random Legendary card upon revealing the Hidden Card)

The day 7 reward is probably the most invaluable and the random Legendary card is a must have for gamers seeking to create probably the most highly effective groups of monsters. A number of legendary playing cards are the purpose in relation to any top-tier deck, however the first card purchase might help information the deck constructing course of. In brief, construct round your strongest summon for one of the best results.

Summoner Playing cards and Objects Overview

As you go about your journey in First Summoner, it is not sufficient to simply gather Summoner Playing cards — it would be best to improve them utilizing Gold. As a normal rule, you wish to improve your strongest Summoner Playing cards first however provided that doing so proves cost-effective for the quantity of Gold you’ll be able to earn whereas enjoying.

For instance, in case your workforce is comprised of much less uncommon Summoner Playing cards with smaller max ranges, it could be smart to improve all of them first earlier than you sink all your restricted early sources into 1 highly effective Summoner Card. You’ll, on common, get pleasure from the advantage of your a number of upgrades versus only one and this early workforce can be utilized to clear by way of the usual missions and sport whilst you save up sources to create a legendary workforce worthy of PvP or Problem modes!


  • About Summoner Playing cards:
    • Requires a certain quantity of gold to stage up a card; every stage requires extra factors and extra gold to be spent.
    • Leveling up playing cards will increase a wide range of stats which might be particular to that summon.
    • Every card has a unique max stage which you can improve to.
    • Gained by way of random enemy drops, chests, development by way of the story, and purchases by way of the cardboard retailer
    • Each duplicate card that’s earned is repurposed into factors for upgrading that card.


Pattern Staff Composition

A steadiness of spells, help playing cards, Space injury, and onerous hitters make this pattern workforce able to taking over the primary 5 bosses when piloted correctly.


Darkish Wind (Mana Price: 2) (Rarity: Epic)

Controls the air and shoots darkish winds, creating openings in your enemy’s protection. Strike them and end off your enemy

Observe: Nice spell card that places energy into your main character’s palms. Line it up accurately and also you’ll wipe out decrease stage enemies and stun more durable ones, permitting your summons to obtain a bonus in battle.  

Mana Ghost (Mana Price: 2) (Rarity: Uncommon)

Assaults enemies, after which returns right into a mana ord, restoring your hero’s mana. Use it repeatedly to attain most effectivity

Observe: Low-cost unit with a ton of helpful mechanics. Pump these out after each cooldown to deal a small quantity of injury and lock down enemies on your different models. Nice for saving up mana for extra expensive summons. 

Skeleton Archer (Mana Price: 5) (Rarity: Widespread)

Summons two fundamental Skeleton Archers. Essentially the most cost-effective soldier to create a dependable troop with 

Observe: Nice for dealing injury from afar whereas tanks absorb the injury and comparatively low-cost. Popping these out each time they’re off cooldown with making certain you’ve an effective way of taking out hordes of enemies close to the top of ranges.

Troll Healer (Mana Price: 5) (Rarity: Epic)

Heals the most important ally inside vary with religious energy. The extra he heals, the weaker he turns into, however that’s simply the worth for with the ability to spiritually heal his comrades.

Observe: Retains your most beneficial models within the sport! Excellent for taking sustained injury. They’re in a position to stick round comparatively lengthy if no person’s concentrating on them and comparatively low-cost, so that they’re simple to switch.

Frozen Viking (Mana Price: 8) (Rarity: Legendary)

Versatile and highly effective summon that does an incredible job dominating foes at mid-range. Slows down enemies for the tank whereas defending ranged summons within the backline. 

Throws an ice axe, slowing down enemies inside vary. The offended Vikinig’s axe terrorizes all enemies – on the bottom and within the air. 


Demon Rabbit (Mana Price: 9) (Rarity: Uncommon)

Jumps into enemy territory and inflicts crucial injury on a number of enemies. You possibly can rely on the Demon Rabbit to create mayhem within the battlefield.

Observe: Nice for engagements as he leaps at teams of enemies, gorgeous them and inflicting a ton of AOE injury. Even higher when it’s paired with Troll Healer’s heals and Frozen Viking’s slows.    


About Tools

There are three ranges of apparatus modification on your main character. Stage one assigns a random modifier whereas Stage Three permits you to select one from a listing of Eight random modifiers.


  • There’s a ton of modifier selection, from rising well being/injury of particular models you management to enhancing hero assault and mana.
  • Gamers can even craft highly effective tools by way of blueprints you gather by way of the sport together with the suitable materials that may be present in chests. 
  • Dismantling can be included as a function, which permits gamers to interrupt down undesirable tools for crafting supplies.
  • Tools is provided to the participant character to extend a wide range of stats, akin to max hp, assault injury, crucial change fee, crucial hit injury, max mana, fee of mana restoration, and extra. 
  • Tools falls into 5 classes: Weapons, Hoods, Boots, Necklaces, and Rings
  • As soon as the participant unlocks the in-game Blacksmith, they’ll modify all of their tools if they’ve sufficient diamonds/cash.

The First 5 Bosses

At the moment, there are 5 main areas within the sport, every with their very own difficult boss to face on the finish. Every time a participant defeats a boss, they unlock a tougher model of that space with tougher enemies and a a lot tougher boss with completely different transfer variants. 

Observe: Hardcore mode is very tough and first-time gamers will unlikely have the ability to defeat a boss on their first attempt. Continue to grow your squad and strategic understanding of the sport to face an opportunity!

World 1, Stage 10 Boss: Flaming Executioner


The Executioner is a lumbering warrior that swings round a battering ram as his main assault. He’ll knock again any melee models you throw his approach is a single swing, so be sure to’re utilizing a summon that’s robust sufficient to take the injury. For those who handle to maintain a pair ranged summons on the sector, you can also make quick work of the smaller models the Executioner will summon all through the battle.


He additionally has an assault that does a superb quantity of injury in a straight line proper in entrance of him. Be certain that your main character is on the transfer when he telegraphs the assault so you possibly can dodge taking injury. 

World 2, Stage 10 Boss – Mace Tyrant

Mace Tyrant generally is a lot to deal with in case you don’t have the appropriate summons outfitted. Proper of the gate, he’ll cost at you and your preliminary summons, gorgeous and dealing a ton of injury within the course of. It’s finest to again away and produce one other wave of models far-off from the motion, as Tyrant is unhealthy at dealing with summons in a number of places.

As soon as he begins charging up his mace assault, begin transferring! By the point the goal reveals up in your main character,  it is going to be too late to get out of the way in which in case you aren’t already on the transfer. Hold transferring and hold your summons unfold out and you’ll do wonderful.

World 3, Stage 10 Boss Immortal Lord

Immortal Lord is a giant bruiser with a variety of utility. You’ll wish to undertake a technique much like the one used towards Mace Tyrant — be sure to’re bringing in your summons in a number of spots all through the ring. Immortal Lord received’t have the ability to deal with them .

When you’ve inflicted sufficient injury and smacked round his spectral projection, hit the immediate on his again to launch a singular animation and deal a ton of injury! You’ll wish to look out for his phantom summons after they present up and care for them as rapidly as doable so your models can return to specializing in the boss. Ranged Summons do a superb job at switching focus onto phantom summons, so take into account mid-range injury sellers right here.

World 4, Stage 10 Boss – Black Lancer

Black Lancer is a fast foe that has a variety of strikes up his sleeve. His most original risk is that he has his personal mana pool that he makes use of to summon varied demons onto the sector to struggle for him. On high of that, his lance assaults are fast and might threaten a robust stun that may be lead up with a deadly combo!

This struggle is all about crowd management talents and spells that may sluggish him down. Use spells like Frozen Area to sluggish his assaults and motion, locking him in a solitary state for you minions to assault. Carry on the transfer and attempt to have not less than one sluggish on him always whereas your different forces take out his summons.

World 5, Stage 10 Boss – Ruler of the Sky

Put your anti-air summons within the deck for this one! Ruler of the sky floats above the battlefield, so models that may’t cope with that received’t be of any use. His foremost assaults are a sweep that pushes away models and a flame assault that does sustained injury in a single row.

Skeleton Wyvern and Troll Healer are good summons to make use of immediately, because the Wyvern can go face to face with the Ruler if he’s being healed. Bust out as many ranged models as you possibly can whereas the Wyvern soaks the injury. After some time, three pillars will come out of the bottom and begin therapeutic the Ruler as he sits in an idle state. Take out the pillars as rapidly as doable to cease the therapeutic!

After you have sufficient models on the sector, simply fear about taking out 2 pillars and also you’ll do injury quicker than the third pillar can heal.

Stayed tuned for extra First Summoner technique, guides, and problem break downs. Drop a remark under and tell us the way you took on the primary 5 bosses. For extra First Summoner Data,  go to official Web site and Neighborhood.

First Summoner is now out there on Google Play and App Retailer for obtain.

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